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Green Beauty Glow

Green Beauty Glow

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A green beauty collection of all-natural skincare that is a great choice for those looking for gentle products or for those who prefer to use only skin care products with ingredients found in nature. Every product in this line feels great on the skin and is wonderfully aromatic. Customer’s love incorporating these products into their daily skin care rituals because they feel luxurious and using them feels like an act of self-care.

This Set Contains:

  • 1 qty Pore Cleansing Brush & Spatula
  • 30 ml Elderflower Facial Cleanser
  • 3 sachets Green Enzyme Mask
  • 5 ml Glow Skin Potion Tinted
  • 5 ml 24 Dewy Face Crème
  • 30 ml Elderflower Facial Essence
  • 1 qty Julie Lindh Medium Reusable Travel Bag
  • 1 qty 1-on-1 Beauty Expert Skin Consultation

Highlighted Ingredients & Other Things To Know:

  • Pore Cleansing Brush & Spatula
  • Elderflower Facial Cleanser
    • Elderflower and berry are mildly astringent so are helpful in refining the complexion. The astringent properties cause the skin to tighten, reducing the size and appearance of pores. The reduction of pores in the skin to a healthy size has the benefit of making the skin look and feel smoother and fresh.
  • Green Enzyme Mask
    • Oatmeal: Absorbs excessive oil from the skin, and helps to fight acne. It also helps to prevent and protect dry skin.
    • Wheatgrass: Restores your body’s pH by lowering acidity levels. Improves cell strength due to its detoxifying and cleansing properties.
    • Barley Grass: Rich in amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that your skin needs to keep outside pollutants at bay, delays the signs of aging and evens out skin tone.
    • Peppermint Extract: Helps to control acne and makes your skin brighter.
    • Rosehip: Rich in vitamins E and C and essential fatty acids, which helps to boost collagen production to minimize wrinkles and fine lines.
    • Green Tea Extract: A powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Papain: A remarkable fruit extract from papaya that works to reduce the appearance of scars.
    • Bromelain: Reduces inflammation and provides relief to itchy skin.
    • Calendula Petal Extract: Has amazing anti-inflammatory properties, also acts as a fantastic remedy for acne and stubborn wounds.
    • Baking Soda: Works as an exfoliator that absorbs excessive amounts of oil and keeps pores clean. It also works as a toner and natural astringent that can help you eliminate the top layer of dead skin cells.
    • Alfalfa Leaf: Works as a natural cleanser and prevents excessive dryness. It is rich in minerals (calcium, iron, and zinc) and vitamins (C and B).
    • Aloe Vera Leaf Extract: Acts a great moisturizer that helps treat sunburns and acne while also fighting signs of aging.
    • Spinach: Packed with vitamins A, C, E and K. Provide a broad spectrum of benefits including sun protection, acne treatment, skin repair and acts as a shield against premature aging.
  • 24H Dewy Face Crème
    • This creme contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and vitamins A, B5, C & E that work together to make the skin look healthy and radiant. Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils are essential fatty acids that are necessary for skin to be its healthiest.
  • Elderflower Facial Essence
    • Aloe Vera: Acts a great moisturizer that helps treat sunburns and acne while also fighting signs of aging.
    • Rosehip: Rich in vitamins E and C and essential fatty acids, which helps to boost collagen production to minimize wrinkles and fine lines.
    • Honeysuckle: Japanese honeysuckle has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, helps reduces skin irritation that can cause redness, sensitivity, and acne-prone skin. It’s also a natural preservative. 
    • Hyaluronic Acid: Increase skin moisture, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and plump skin.

How To Glow

    • Cleanse skin with Elderflower Face Cleanser using the Pore Cleansing Brush
    • Blend the Green Enzyme Face Mask with 1 TBSP of warm water and mix it into a liquid paste. Add more water if it gets too thick. Apply on the face and let it stay on for 10 minutes. Before removing, wet the mask with your hands and use the spatula side of the Pore Cleansing Brush to remove it. Rinse with cold water.
    • Apply the Elderflower Facial Essence on the face and neck.
    • Apply the Glow Skin Potion on the face and neck.
    • Apple the 24H Dewy Face Creme on the face and neck and massage with the button side of the Pore Cleansing Brush.


Green Beauty Glow How To

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