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Secret To Sparkly Eyes

Secret To Sparkly Eyes

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Julie Lindh's New Addition
The Secret to Sparkly Eyes Kit has everything you need to address tired, puffy, dark circles and aging skin around the eyes.

This kit was created for at-home use and when it comes to the eye area, you need a treatment that works and that is easy enough to do every day.

If you have tried everything else and nothing worked, then you have to give this treatment kit a try.

This Set Contains:

  • 1 qty Pore Cleansing Brush & Spatula
  • 1 qty SkinMagic Pen with LED for Eyes & Lips
  • 1 oz Dark Circles Corrector
  • 1 oz Youth Renewal Eye Serum
  • 1 qty Julie Lindh Large Reusable Travel Bag
  • 1 qty 1-on-1 Beauty Expert Skin Consultation

Highlighted Ingredients & Other Things To Know:

  • Pore Cleansing Brush & Spatula
    • Ultra hygienic food grade silicone, Reduces impurities in pores and combats acne, Deeper product penetration.
  • SkinMagic Pen with LED for Eyes & Lips
    • The SKINMAGIC Pen is a high-tech, multi-use device designed to improve the appearance of skin around the eyes and lips by using sonic vibrations and LED lights. The thermal energy and massaging functions of the SKINMAGIC Pen work together to fade under eye circles, tighten bags, reduce puffiness, and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
      • The SKINMAGIC Pen has two operating modes:
        • Nourishment Mode:
          • Red LED light
          • Helps skincare products absorb deeper into the skin
          • Rejuvenates skin around the eyes and lips
          • Improves the appearance of under-eye bags, circles, wrinkles,  and puffiness
          • Promotes healing and stimulates collagen
          • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
        • Massage Mode:
          • Blue LED light
          • Massages and relaxes the skin and muscles
          • Promotes a sense of calm and reduces fatigue
          • Relieves stress
          • Reduces acne
          • Aids in lymphatic drainage
          • Acupoint massager
  • Dark Circles Corrector
    • The Dark Circle Corrector is a dynamic serum that addresses the two main causes of dark circles in the eye area: hyperpigmentation (the accumulation of melanin) and the dilation of blood vessels. The skin under the eyes is very delicate and thin. Any increased blood flow due to dilated blood vessels will show through the skin.
    • This product contains several powerful ingredients that help to reduce the appearance of dark under-eye circles. Haloxyl™ helps to thicken the skin under the eyes and boosts circulation, all of which helps to lighten the darkness under the eyes. Shadownyl™ acts as an anti-wrinkle, anti-dark circle, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating and firming ingredient. Liftiss® sb reduces wrinkles by firming and moisturizing the skin. Biophytex™ protects the blood capillaries and reinforces their strength. It also has a skin soothing, calming effect. Unisooth EG-28 is a natural complex that provides an immediate soothing effect and reduces signs of skin irritation and dark circles under the eyes.
  • Youth Renewal Eye Serum
    • If the skin around your eyes looks tired, droopy and dark, it can add years to your face. The Youth Renewal Eye Serum is a premium botanical serum designed to combat these signs of aging, making the skin around your eyes look younger and firmer.
    • This serum contains 7 powerful ingredients (Sqisandryl, Argeriline, Biophytex, Eyeseryl, Leuphasy, Ultra Filling Spheres and Acetyl Hexapeptide 30) that work together to increase the elasticity and firmness of the skin under the eyes while also strengthening the capillaries (which helps prevent darkness under the eyes), reducing the appearance of wrinkles and preventing the formation of new wrinkles.

How To Glow

    • Cleanse skin with the Pore Cleansing Brush
    • Apply Dark Circle Corrector under the eyes
    • Eye treatment with the Skinmagic Pen. Please refer to the manual on how to operate the Skinmagic pen. Turn on the SKINMAGIC Pen in Nourishment Mode (red). Press the power button
      • Start at the corner of the under eye near the nose and slide slowly towards the other corner of the eye for 2 minutes.
    • Apply Youth Eye Renewal Serum under the eyes and upper lids
    • Switch to Massage Mode (blue) by pressing the power button once.
    • Start at the corner of the eye near the nose and slide slowly towards the other corner of the eye, under the eye, and on the eyelids for 2 minutes.


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