A Quick Solution To Puffy Eyes

Luckily, we make a few products that can speed up the process of reducing puffiness. But before we list them, it’s important to understand exactly what causes puffy eyes in the first place.

What causes puffy eyes?
While this is a problem that worsens with age, it is usually caused by fluid accumulation in delicate, thin eye skin. Since eye skin is some of the thinnest on our body, the loss of elasticity in both the skin itself and the vessels causes more leakage of fluid out of delicate and aging vessels, and the skin doesn't have the elasticity to resist puffiness from increased fluid caused by vessel leakage.

Another cause of puffy eyes is the sagging of fat pads around the eyes, which are a genetic issue and often a result of aging. Allergies, lack of sleep and a high-salt diet — which causes fluid retention in the eye area — are also common causes of under-eye bags.

How do you reduce eye puffiness?
We have a few products available to help with puffy eyes, but there are also lifestyle changes that can help minimize bags as well. Sleep on a couple of pillows to promote drainage [from the under eyes. Also, try to follow a low-salt diet for a week to see if this improves puffiness, and massage away excess fluid with a roller.

Finally, it’s important to ensure your bedroom is free of any potential allergens — especially your bed. Wash your pillowcase at least every three days and steam your pillow about every two weeks to minimize dust mite accumulation. Dust, a common allergen, can lead to puffiness under the eyes.

Best products for puffy eyes, according to our Beauty Experts and shoppers.

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