A Weird But Very Effective Forehead Wrinkle Treatment

What is the science behind silicone pads? Do silicone pads actually work to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars and other surface marks on your skin?

If you have never tried beauty products like the Ageless Beauty Forehead Treatment Pads, no need to worry about being a little skeptical. It probably seems far-fetched that simply sticking a silicone pad on your skin can actually reduce wrinkles, soften blemishes, and reverse the signs of ageing on your skin.

In short, silicone pads work. But how do they actually improve the appearance of your skin? I’ll try my best to answer this important question for you so you can make the most out of your pads.

Enhancing the appearance of your skin and focusing especially on the most damaged areas will improve the way you look. But, don’t be fooled, silicone pads are not a cure-all solution that can take care of all problems on the surface of your skin anywhere on your body. Knowing how Ageless Beauty Treatment Pads work helped me gain insight into how to effectively make silicone pads for skincare.

Essentially there are two reasons why silicone pads work, one has to do with the material the silicone pads are made from and the other has to do with the structure or shape of the pads.

The pads are made from silicon dioxide and are actually a silicone gel, rubber or polymer. Don’t worry, Silicon dioxide is essential to life and important for the modern world. Basically, it is better known as sand and oxygen. Asides from an essential component of electronics, it is used extensively in food as an anti-caking agent. It’s also used internally for silicone implants. It’s non-toxic to humans and is essentially harmless.

Silicone attracts moisture due to its chemical structure. Think of those little packets that come in shoes or boxes of dried foods; silica gels are used for drawing moisture. They say don’t eat, but that doesn’t mean it’s toxic, it just means it’s not tasty and it’s not food.

Warning: Don’t eat the silicone pads.

So how do these pads help you avoid wrinkles and reverse the effects of aging?
The Ageless Beauty Treatment Pads form a barrier on the surface of your skin that locks in moisture while allowing air to pass through. This barrier also helps increase blood flow to the area. Your skin is able to breathe while retaining the moisture it needs to remain youthful. Increased hydration and blood flow encourage regular collagen growth and healing. Everyone with beautiful skin knows properly balanced skin hydration is the key to beautiful and healthy-looking skin.

Also, electrostatic energy is created by the pads and the skin is gently stretched stopping wrinkles from even forming to begin with. It works the same way leaving paper flat helps to avoid creasing it, or how sticking creased and crumpled paper under a large book smoothes and flattens it out.

Medical professionals know to use silicone sheets and gel to prevent worsening of skin conditions; to help protect further damage and soften the appearance of scars and other marks after injury or surgery. Often silicone pads are used as an after treatment.

If you have ever had spot treatment for moles or other marks, you will often get a little silicone patch to take home and put on the spot to encourage faster healing and healthy regrowth.

Not only do silicone pads work to encourage faster and enhanced healing of certain adverse skin conditions, but they also work to improve the surface of your skin and prevent further damage. They are also non-invasive and completely safe.
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