Ageless Beauty Wand Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn the Beauty Wand on?
There is no ON/OFF button on the Beauty Wand, and there is no light or indication that the wand is on, but if the solar panel on the handle is exposed to light, it will always be on. The wand is ready to use as soon as you take it out of the box and expose it to light. You can use the massaging rollers in the dark, but the micro-current feature will not work unless the panel is exposed to light. 

How do I charge the Beauty Wand?
The Beauty Wand is solar-powered. The solar panel on the handle absorbs light and generates electricity. This panel acts as a built-in battery that gets recharged by either indoor OR outdoor light. 
To learn more about solar panels:

How does the Beauty Wand feel on the skin?
You will not feel any tingling, burning, electric shocks, or zaps - you will only feel the rollers on the skin. The wand produces a micro-current that interacts with the muscle beneath the skin, but you won't feel it. When you begin to roll the wand around your face, you may feel slightly warm due to increased blood circulation and oxygen.

Do I need to use special products or gels with the Beauty Wand?
You can use the Beauty Wand on dry skin to get the massaging benefits, but Julie highly recommends using it with products. You don't need conducting gels to use with the wand, but in order for the micro-current to flow, you will need moisture (try using non-oily products such as Hyaluronic Avid serum, Aloe Vera gel or a moisturizer) to act as a conductor between the four rollers and your skin. The moisture will help to transmit the bio-electricity from the wand to stimulate the muscle fibers beneath the skin. 

When will I start to see results?
You will start seeing results within 2 weeks with daily use. Julie highly encourages using the wand as part of your AM and PM skincare routine for 5-minutes at a time. Your skin will first start to look fresh and glowing. Over time, it will start to look firmer, toned, and contoured too!

How do I clean the Beauty Wand?
Ageless Beauty Wand 1.0

The Beauty Wand is very easy to clean because the rollers are made out of iron and copper. Simply wipe a wet towel over the rollers after each use. Other than cleaning the wand, there is no other special maintenance.

Ageless Beauty Wand 2.0

The Beauty Wand is very easy to clean because the rollers are made out of iron, brass, refined copper and 14-carat plated gold. Simply use the mini brush to clean the roller and disinfectant wipes after each use. Other than cleaning the wand, there is no other special maintenance.

When do I need to replace the wand?

With proper care, the Beauty Wand will work for years. The only time you will have to replace your Beauty Wand is if the solar panel breaks.

Can I use the Beauty Wand everywhere? Are there any areas to avoid? You can use the Beauty Wand everywhere except for on the eyelids and on the eyeballs. You should also avoid the thyroid area, which is in the middle of the chest plate. Not suitable for rosacea or highly sensitive skin, active acne or open wounds. 

How many times should I roll the Beauty Wand over each area of my face?
Julie recommends at least 15 passes for each part of the face.

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