Do You Really Need To Wash Your Face In The Morning?

There's really no reason to wash your face in the morning, especially if you thoroughly cleansed the night before. But, at the same time, there's nothing wrong with cleansing the face every morning, as long as you're not overstripping the skin with harsh, drying cleansers. It's just a matter of personal preference. But, what about the big bad bacteria that lurks on your pillowcase, waiting to clog your pores unless you wash your face? I wouldn't really worry about that. It's one of those problems that isn't actually a problem; if you're breaking out, there's likely a larger cause.

The only time we do wash our face in the morning, though, is before we put on moisturizer. If you're using a moisturizer in the morning, you need to splash some water on your skin first. Moisturizers are like Saran wrap for your skin—they lock in dampness to keep you hydrated and glowing.

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