Get Glowy Summer Skin in 4 Weeks

Getting your skin ready—soft, smooth, maybe not so pale—is a struggle and a mad dash. But with some prior planning, it can be done with ease.

Getting ready for summer means detoxifying and making sure that the skin is fortified, nourished, and very well-hydrated. 

Our month-long preparation routine can get your beauty game in order just in time for summer.  Eating well is directly correlated with skin health. Take advantage of the vitamin-rich, skin-boosting bounty in the local farmers’ market. Eating plenty of raw fruits and vegetables—from leafy greens to antioxidant-rich berries—is a great way to support skin from the inside out.

But back to your body routine, which could probably use an overhaul after a steady regimen of rich body lotions and scrubs all winter. Consider this your timeline to better skin by summer.

Four weeks out: Try microcurrents
Microcurrent treatments can purportedly firm and smooth skin. The gentle current creates natural energy waves in such a dynamic way to revive the deepest layers of the skin tissues, creating a smoothed, lifted surface.

Three weeks out: Beat body acne
Body acne is stubborn, and can linger for weeks even after you start treating it.  After every workout, start washing with a targeted treatment like PCA Blemish Control Bar, which pairs salicylic acid with purifying eucalyptus oil. The duo at once gets into the pore to help clean it out as well as balances the skin for a more copacetic effect.

Two weeks out: Begin body masking
A body mask sounds like a messy ordeal—and, okay, it kind of is. But a charcoal mask can soften and brighten skin all over your body, especially if you use it regularly.  Charcoal powder and kaolin clay clean skin deeply while sesame seed oil keeps it from being stripped of moisture.

One week out: Start self tanning
If you’re keen to go the self-tanning route, the trick to not turning orange: Do it gradually. A hydrating formula keeps skin soft and is easy enough for first-timers to handle. Use it once or twice a week for a subtle glow, or every other day for deeper color.

Three days out: Bring on the body oil
Not only does body oil seal moisture into skin post-shower (and after a body mask), but it also leaves behind a pretty sheen.

Starting from the top of the head and scalp, massage the oil moving downwards to the ears, neck and shoulders. Massage the arms with long strokes, then work in a circular motion for the chest, abdomen, and hips. The legs are treated to long strokes, too, and you might lavish a little time and extra attention on the hands and feet.

One day out: Dry brush time
The fastest way to smooth skin? Exfoliate, ideally by dry brushing. Dry brushing is an amazing way to bring a healthy glow to the skin almost immediately. It detoxifies skin, improves circulation, and boosts the lymphatic system—which brings more amazing glow to the surface.
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