Grapefruit Can Give You Beautiful Skin

 But grapefruit can also give you beautiful skin without laser treatments, acid peels, or any other painful beauty treatments. Adding grapefruit to your daily diet is one way to get beautiful skin from grapefruit. The more healthy you are the better your skin will look. Grapefruit helps your body work efficiently so that it can flush out toxins and waste from all your cells, which will lead to better skin. The vitamins and minerals in grapefruit will feed your cells and keep them healthy and strong, which will also show in your skin.

But grapefruit applied directly to your skin can also give you beautiful skin. The anti-oxidants in grapefruit will fight free radicals in the skin that can cause lines, wrinkles, discolorations and other blemishes that can make you look older than you are. Free radicals are elements that float throughout the body and your skin because they aren't attached to anything. They want to be attached to something so they attack healthy cells trying to bind to the cell wall. Anti-oxidants flow through your body and your skin binding to these free radicals, which gives them something to attach to and makes them harmless. Grapefruit juice also has restorative properties that can help tone skin, even out skin color, and safely and gently cleanse skin. People who have oily skin usually find that their problems with oily skin clear up very quickly after they start using a grapefruit cleanser and toner.

You can make your own grapefruit cleanser and toner at home very easily and cheaply. Keeping fresh grapefruit on hand is a must, and you should keep several different varieties around so that you can create different scents for your products. Using Ruby Red grapefruit will give your homemade cleansers and toners a pretty pink color. You can also use grapefruit to keep the skin on the rest of your body, including your feet, soft and smooth. A simple grapefruit sugar scrub made from sugar, a little oil, and fresh grapefruit juice will gently exfoliate your body and leave your whole body smelling sweet. This sugar scrub is great for your feet during the summer because grapefruit juice has natural anti-bacterial properties and it will cleanse your feet as well as soften then and give them a healthy natural tone.
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