How Do Silicone Pads Work & Reduce Wrinkles

What are Silicone Chest Pads?

Although there are invasive methods of wrinkle reduction such as injections, chemical peels, laser therapies, and even surgeries, many people overlook the non-invasive option: Silicone gel sheets.

Originally, doctors used silicone gel sheets for scars, applying the medical-grade product to the skin of patients with burns or scars. Scar tissue is covered by fragile and delicate skin, which is often crepe-like and dehydrated. After surgeries or trauma, this skin tends to be dry and inflamed and requires special care as it heals.

During recovery, doctors apply individual pads, which are composed of medical-grade silicone and a super thin coating of adhesive, which allows the silicone pad to stay securely attached to the body. Beneath the pad, the skin is hydrated and calmed as it rests in a micro-climate of moisture and oxygen that's ideal for healing. As the hours pass, wrinkles and lines become hydrated and smoothed.

As it turns out, age wrinkles share many of the same characteristics as scar and burn tissue. As such the cosmetic community began to look to silicone gel sheets to alleviate wrinkles in non-medical scenarios.

How Do Silicone Gel Sheets Work?

The secret of silicone gel sheets lies in the way they're constructed. A silicone polymer is created when silicone and oxygen atoms are cross-linked with hydrogen and carbon atoms. This atomic structure allows the silicone polymer to perform two main duties:

1. It lets your skin breathe by allowing oxygen to easily pass through.

2. It locks in moisture.

These two elements create a micro-climate between the skin and the silicone pad. With optimal oxygen flow and hydration, this micro-climate provides a unique environment that's conducive to the skin's healing process. Compression keeps the skin flat as moisture is brought to the surface skin layers (dermis) from deeper layers of the skin. At the same time, collagen production is activated and becomes normalized.

After several hours of wear, silicone gel sheets encourage a plump, hydrated, and rejuvenated skin to appear. Ideally, silicone gel sheets should be worn for about eight hours at a time, which is why most people find it best to apply them before bedtime, wearing them while they sleep.

Why Should You Use Silicone Pads?

There are several wrinkle reduction methods available today. Some, such as injections and surgery, are not only invasive, but they're typically quite expensive, too. Lotions and creams, on the other hand, are usually quite affordable, but they often take months to show results (if ever.) Laser treatments and skin peels are often effective, but they usually require multiple treatments, which can get costly, and they've been known to leave skin red and irritated afterward.

Silicone gel sheets provide a happy balance between price, invasiveness, and overall effectiveness.

Wrinkles may think they're settling in for a long stay, but nobody said you have to endure these unwelcome intruders forever. Through the application of silicone scar sheets and silicone gel sheets, your skin's blemishes should begin to fade away, leaving healthy, elastic skin in their wake.

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