Is oiling good for your hair? ABSOLUTELY!

Oiling your hair has so many benefits it is hard to imagine who wouldn't want to try it!

Oiling can be beneficial for your hair in several ways. It helps nourish and moisturize the scalp, which can promote healthier hair growth and reduce dryness. The natural botanical oils used also contain essential nutrients that can strengthen the hair shaft, prevent breakage, and add shine. Regular hair oiling, combined with gentle massage, can also improve blood and oxygen flow to the scalp, further promoting hair health. 

Sebum is a natural oil that is produced from the sebaceous glands in our scalp that helps maintain our hair health. Sebum is meant to help by moisturizing and lubricating hair as a natural conditioner. But when it’s not produced in balanced amounts, hair feels extra greasy or super dry and flaky. This is where hair oiling can be helpful.

A quality hair oil will mimic the effects that natural sebum provides. Because we all produce sebum, hair oiling works for all hair types. When you coat the strands, it seals in the moisture instead of having it evaporate. This properly nourishes the hair deep within the strands and scalp. 

Hydrating and Nourishing the Hair
One of the main benefits of hair oiling is the amount of moisture and hydration your hair gets. When applying hair oil, the product will form a protective barrier around the hair shaft. By sealing it in, the hair won’t lose any moisture due to evaporation. This also locks in important nutrients that the oil provides the hair. 

Stimulating Hair Growth
When you massage the hair oil into your scalp, not only are you letting the nutrients soak in, but you are also stimulating hair growth. The scalp massage promotes blood circulation that goes to the hair roots. This causes regeneration and growth while strengthening the hair strands. 

Strengthening Hair Strands
When the nutrients of hair oil coat the strands, they protect the hair from breaking off. Furthermore, when the strands that are growing from the top of the scalp are moisturized and full of nutrients from the beginning, they come out strong. 

Managing Split Ends and Breakage
Strong hair and hair growth come from managing your split ends and preventing breakage. When the strands are coated at the bottom, they are less likely to have breakage. A quality hair oil will impact all three layers of the hair strand, strengthening it from the inside out. 

Improved Scalp Health and Reduced Dandruff
It may feel counterintuitive to apply oil to a scalp that is dealing with dandruff. Some people have the misconception that you are adding more debris up there. But a healthy and hydrated scalp will reduce flaking and promote positive roots. 

Protecting Hair from Environmental Damage
The environment plays a big role in our hair. The wind, low humidity, and evaporation all lead to moisture loss. The sun and UVs also dry out our hair. Hair oiling offers a protective barrier from environmental factors that can dry it out.

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