Reasons why you should take a relaxing bath tonight

Bath’s are a commitment – you need quite a bit of time that is undisturbed to be able to fully relax and enjoy the benefits of having a nice hot bath. Even if you’ve got a packed schedule with barely a moment to breathe – it’s important to take the time we need to ensure we can recharge our batteries so we can be the best versions of ourselves for our loved ones and our commitments.

Reducing Stress
Sitting submerged in warm water helps your body have a sense of relaxation and calm. You want to ensure the water is warm – however hot scalding water will not relax your body. The water and warm temperature help your nervous system calm as well as reduce stress and pressure on joints. We hold a lot of stress in our bodies and specifically within joints and muscles, bathing is a great way to ease that strain.

An additional way I reduce stress while I’m in the bath is through adding bath salts as well as a bath bomb. The bath salts help add minerals to further reduce inflammation in your body as well as soothe the skin. Bath bombs are a great way to add some aromatherapy to the bath as well as they are so much fun to watch!

Improved Breathing
As you lay in the bath the steam from the water will help to cleanse your sinuses and ensure any congestion or blockage moves or loosens. Additionally – the warm water on your chest as it is submerged will help increase the circulation in your lungs and your system by providing that warmth and a slightly increased heat rate due to the heat.

If you’re looking for additional support with your respiratory system. I encourage you to look into adding essential oils to your bath. Please ensure you’re reading all safety and warning information about essential oils before beginning use.

As we’re leaving Winter behind (bye-bye!) your skin is definitely still dry and is in need of a good deep moisturizing. We find when you take weekly baths the oils and minerals from the salts and oils really help your skin soak in a lot of moisture!

Elevated Mood
This benefit goes hand in hand with reducing your stress. In addition to stress reduction, bathing can provide mood improvement. The warm water and the feeling of being submerged help the systems in your body relax as well provides you a space to meditate or have solidarity.

Whether you’re having a bad day, or week, or live with mental illness – bathing is a great way to help elevate your mood by having big benefits on your nervous system which attributes to our mood in a big way. Bathing helps you relieve tension and anger (with yourself or others). 

Improved Sleep
Bathing in the evening before getting ready for bed is a great way to help improve your sleep. I DO NOT recommend/or encourage bathing if you are sleepy or having a tough time staying awake. This can lead to safety concerns for yourself. An hour or two before you typically go to sleep is a great time to draw yourself a bath and relax.

Having your body in a state of total relaxation before bed is a great way to ensure you’re getting deep and restful sleep. I always find the next morning I wake with so much energy and feeling so well rested – if you’re needing a deep sleep I recommend considering bathing in the evening.
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