Silicone Pads Are The Key To Youthful Skin

The fear of wrinkles and fine lines is seriously real. Whether it is media hype, the influence of Instagram or something else entirely, the pressure to maintain smooth, youthful skin is growing exponentially.

As a result, many ladies of all ladies are turning to Botox, Fillers and other cosmetic procedures in a bid to hang onto their youth.

However, as cosmetic procedures rise as a youthful skin ‘solution‘, we’re still skeptical about their benefits. Not only are these procedures expensive, but they require endless maintenance, essentially forcing you to kiss any hard-earned moola or free time goodbye.

Skip the Botox: Dreambox Beauty Silicone Pads Are the Key to Youthful Skin

If you’ve found yourself giving into the pressure, yet aren’t ready to take the Botox leap, you’ll be ecstatic to hear that you may not have to. Prevention is key, and stepping up your anti-aging game whilst still in your 20s or 30s is more beneficial in the long-term than you may think.

Dreambox Beauty Ageless Beauty Silicone Pads are a non-invasive, inexpensive way to fend off physical aging. With tailored pads that can be used on the under eyes, forehead, chest and more, this brand has discovered the key to stress-free wrinkle prevention at any age. Simply pop ’em on while you drift off to sleep and let them work their magic!

How it Works
1. Crease-free slumber
After a night of heavy tossing and turning, we all know what it’s like to wake up covered head to toe in indentations. But, were you aware that these pesky creases can actually prompt skin sagging, fine lines and elasticity loss?

If maintaining youthful skin is your goal, pop on your Dreambox Beauty Ageless Beauty Silicone Pads, especially focusing on the forehead and chest. These areas are particularly affected whilst sleeping, but the silicone will help to ensure skin stays taut and unlined. Voila–fewer creases means fewer wrinkles!

2. Creating + locking in hydration
One of the key contributors to physical aging is moisture loss, so staying hydrated is a must. If you’re a dry-skinned gal or guy, silicone is here to help you in your plight to retain moisture.

Where doctors use silicone sheets to treat scars, Dreambox Beauty has utilized this miracle ingredient to fight off wrinkle formation. Simply apply to the skin and let the 100% medical-grade silicone work its wonders, instilling the skin with nourishment and hydration. Youthful skin, here we come…

3. Increasing blood flow
Here’s a handy hint–good blood flow means more collagen in the skin, which in turn is the key to saying see ya wrinkles. Placing your Dreambox Beauty Ageless Beauty Silicone Pads onto the skin helps bring blood to the surface, and stimulates collagen as a result. More collagen = a younger-looking, less wrinkly you for longer.

Silicone science is well researched and proven medically to work on correcting skin. And the more you use it, the better and more cumulative the results!
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