Best Tips to using Silicone Pads for Wrinkles

We get it.  It can be confusing.  What do the pads “actually” do?  You have these pads and they go on your face, but when do you wear them?  How long?  Do you infuse products with them?  Will silicone seep into your skin?

Tip #1 Creating A Micro-Climate of Moisture
Silicone on the skin creates the perfect environment for moisture. No air can get to the area with the silicone pads, so it draws moisture to the surface of skin and stays there. It draws so much moisture to the surface of your skin, it plumps up wrinkles.

It doesn’t just bring moisture to the skin; it also increases blood flow. Increased blood flow is so important for your skin and helps collagen production. Collagen production is the key to combating wrinkles.

Tip #2 Never Combine With Products
Your initial instinct will be to apply a serum to your skin prior to applying the Dreambox silicone pad for wrinkles.  But that is 100% wrong!  The pads are to be worn on clean dry skin with absolutely no product or lotions underneath. Using lotions can interfere with the adhesive quality of the pads and can also cause rashes and reactions. Night sweats, hot flashes and perspiration can interfere with the adhesive quality of the pads as well. If you are experiencing this, wipe the skin with witch hazel and allow to dry prior to applying the pad.

Tip #3  Best Results In 2 Weeks
For example, when using Chest Pads, you should see results overnight and the results last longer as you do not recreate the wrinkle-causing position right away (usually sleeping on your side). For wrinkles on your forehead, you will see longer lasting results after about two weeks of wearing the pads.

Tip #4 Wear Them To Bed
This is literally the easiest skin care implement to use – EVER!  You just put it on before bed.  You have zero excuses why you’re not using it.  Typically the pads are worn at bedtime. However, the pads can be used during the daytime as well.

Tip #5 Wear Them Consistently
In order to get the best results wear the Dreambox silicone pads for wrinkles on a consistent basis.  It’s suggested 7-8 hours of application will give you the best results.  Wear them while you sleep – if you’re an insomniac and don’t get 7-8 hours, apply them before bed or leave them on after you wake up.

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