Skin Rituals For Fall

As the weather changes and leaves fall, our skin may react adversely to the new temperatures. While summer brings humidity to help moisture stay in the skin, fall brings cooler weather with a drop in humidity – making for dry, stale air and even drier skin.

We’re leaving no leaves left unturned as we savor the last warm days of the year, and get our skin care routines in order. The name of our fall game is to focus on boosting glow and dewiness, while retaining moisture as temperatures drop and winds rise.

#1: Use a Brightening Serum
You may have to say goodbye to sun-kissed cheeks, but you can still keep that post-summer glow with a brightening serum.
#2: Moisturize and Set It
The changing of the seasons is a reminder to make sure you’re moisturizing to the very best of your abilities. That doesn’t mean you should bring in the ultra-rich heavyweights just yet – save those for when Winter hits deep! Adding a rich moisturizer to your skin care routine – as opposed to those lightweight summer formulas – is an easy way to protect your delicate skin during the changing seasons.  Go for more gentle, emollient products that’ll combat the conditions of fall more effectively. 

#3: Seal It with a Spray
There’s no sense in going through your morning skin care and makeup routines if you can’t keep all your hard work firmly in place. A setting spray is not only a useful product for your everyday routine, it also provides an extra barrier to seal in moisture – and keeps your trendy fall palette looking fresh and vibrant!
#4: Refocus Your SPF Efforts
Proper sun protection is a yearlong deal. While you may not need to rock a whitecast sunscreen around your pool anymore, you’ll still need to moisturize and pump up that SPF protection. Natural sunscreen containing tomato lycopene – a protective antioxidant found in tomatoes – is a great choice for nourishing and protecting against the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays.

#5: Use More Nourishing Masks
Autumn is a time to celebrate Halloween, so get your masks on! Not all masks are created equal – sorry, Michael Myers – and we find that natural masks deliver the sweetest results for our skin care routines. Using a natural sheet mask 2-3 times a week will help lock in long-lasting hydration, and bring your skin the brightest benefits.

Looking for some extra facial TLC? Using a powder mask provides more intense hydration and delivers ultra-potent skin results.  For keep the glow going in fall, try the Julie Lindh Green Enzyme Face Mask
The Green Enzyme Face Mask does it all! It gently exfoliates away dead skin cells, excess sebum and other impurities to reveal more radiant skin. It also contains several plant-based ingredients that help to hydrate, calm and soothe the skin. This mask also helps to control blackheads by stimulating circulation, which helps to detoxify the skin. After just one use of this mask, your skin will look renewed and have a youthful glow.
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