Summer Skin Rehab

SOOTHE WITH YOGURT. Right after a strong reaction, it’s risky to predict what may trigger more inflammation in already compromised skin. We suggest yogurt cleansing only for a month. Start with a vitamin C serum after one month, and then after another month add gentle retinol.  This will help speed up the cell renormalization process.

NOURISH INTERNALLY. Take antioxidants and good polyphenols everyday! Drink green tea instead of coffee, and be sure to hydrate with lots of water. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet and keep stress at bay.

SHUN THE SUN. It’s very important to keep out of the sun at this point. If you can’t avoid it all together, wear a good sunscreen and reapply every two hours. Wearing a hat is also useful.

HYDRATE + HEAL. Aloe is at the center of healing. This will have a triple effect — soothe, repair the skin barrier and hydrate.

LIGHTEN UP (SAFELY). If a peel results in hyper-pigmentation, and — in spite of gentler efforts — the spots remain dark even after a few days, and it drives you crazy, you may want to consider some lightening treatments. Avoid hydroquinone, which is not good for you. Instead, look for ingredients like kojic acid, licorice root, bearberry, and of course vitamin C and green tea!

PAPAYA POWER. Papaya enzyme helps fade hyper-pigmentation.
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