Top 5 Reasons We Get Wrinkles

Unprotected sun exposure (in particular, UV rays), or photoaging, dries and damages the bonds of skin molecules breaking up the networks of elastin and collagen fibers that are supposed to keep skin strong. Repeatedly disassembling these networks keeps them from healing properly, making skin prone to drooping and wrinkling.

When sleeping on your side, the stretching of your face against the pillow causes your skin to fold and crease. These folds and creases repeatedly break collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, and over time these fibers lose the ability to heal. When this happens, lines from these creases and folds become permanent and form wrinkles.

Using abrasive products, over-exfoliating, and tugging on skin causes irritation and inflammation, removing and damaging the epidermis too often for it to be properly replenished or healed. This stress and strain over-taxes the skin cells responsible for healing (fibroblasts and keratinocytes), resulting in lower collagen and elastin production and forming permanent wrinkles more quickly.

After the age of 20, you produce 1% less collagen each year. Without enough collagen, the skin loses its shape and strength, becoming prone to sagging and wrinkles as we lose the ability to repair damage caused by stretching and other stressors.

Repeated facial movements, such as squinting or smiling, cause folds in the skin that continuously break our skin’s collagen and elastin network. As we age and produce less collagen, we lose the ability to repair these breaks. They eventually become permanent wrinkles in the surface of the skin.
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