Why Ice Cubes Are Good, But Ice Globes Are Better

The fact that ice works wonders for aching muscles and helps your body recover is not breaking news. Athletes have been dipping into ice baths ever since olympiads and marathons began. However, this cooling technique has gained momentum in the skincare community for its ability to reduce swelling, shrink blood vessels causing discoloration, and to provide a soothing massage for stressed out skin.

How do they work?
Ice works by constricting blood vessels and thus tightening the skin. Once this happens, blood rushes away from the face and returns renewed, with fresh nutrients. This results in a brighter, more glowing complexion. The nutrients provide the skin with the building blocks needed to improve elasticity and can aid in preventing the appearance of wrinkles. While the effects may not be as immediate, many consider this method to be a non-invasive and natural alternative to Botox.

The Ice Globes allow you to enjoy these same benefits without the melting mess and awkwardness of holding slippery ice cubes against your skin.

Step 1. Cool Your Ice Globes
For optimal results, allow your Ice Globes to cool in the freezer for at least 5-6 hours, or even better, overnight while you sleep. The ice globes are made using strong, high-quality glass, which is filled with an antifreeze formula. They don’t collect condensation on the outside and are sturdy enough to last.

Step 2. Massage
Cleanse your skin with your favorite cleanser, pat dry, and massage your face with ice globes for 5-15 minutes. Upward movements work best to lift your skin while downward movements work best to encourage lymphatic drainage, reducing the swelling of facial lymph nodes. To elevate your massage and increase the benefits of this treatment, combine with your favorite sheet mask, moisturizers, or serum.

Step 3. Clean the Ice Globes
If you're thinking it sounds like a simple routine, you're right! Use a gentle washcloth and mild soap to wipe the Ice Globes clean, and you're done! For safekeeping, store them either in the padded box they arrived in or wrapped up in a towel in your freezer until your next massage.

What are the additional benefits, and how often should I use it?
In addition to depuffing and brightening your skin, Ice Globe massages can relax facial muscles, reduce acne, and soothe sunburn or irritated skin. You can enjoy this routine daily, so massage away!
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