How Do I Use A Makeup Remover Cloth

Ensuring you’re left with clean, clear and silky-smooth skin is the Dreambox Beauty mission. Long gone are the days of putting all your makeup removing dreams into one singular face wipeSo, for everything you need to know about how to use the Dreambox Microfiber Cleansing Mitt, you’ve come to the right place. 

What is a Makeup Remover Cloth?
Helping to fight against the one-use wipes and makeup remover pads clogging up our landfills, makeup remover cloths are our favorite way of erasing all signs of makeup. With their fleecy, fluffy microfiber fabric, reusable makeup remover cloths get rid of all traces of makeup, dirt and grime in a flash.

Another added bonus is that if your skin is easily aggravated, a makeup remover cloth is great for sensitive skin, as they work well even with just water.  For a more thorough clean, we suggest adding a palm-sized amount of your favorite cleanser!

What is the Dreambox Microfiber Cleansing Mitt made of?
Makeup remover cloths work so well because of their microfiber composition. The super absorbent cloth features more threads in a smaller surface area, so they’re able to grab onto finer particles of makeup and lift them from your face with less effort, leaving your skin clean, clear and makeup-free!
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