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Microfiber Cleansing Mitt [Makeup Remover]

Microfiber Cleansing Mitt [Makeup Remover]

Reusable Pre-Cleansing Tool

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The Cleansing Mitt quickly removes makeup naturally. Just add water, gently swipe the mitt across your face and watch as all traces of makeup disappear leaving you with natural, glowing skin.

It is ideal as your pre-cleanse option before your active cleanser (as part of a double cleanse). Place your hand into the Cleansing Mitt, just add warm water and remove makeup, pollution, and any free radicals from the face. Follow with your active cleanser.

The tiny loops of microfiber break the surface tension that binds oil and makeup to the skin’s surface, gently removing the oil and debris.  The Cleansing Mitt is fully free of any products that can cause irritation.  All you need to do is add water to the mitt and let is scoop the debris from your pores.


  • It’s an eco-friendly alternative to one-use and throw away cotton wool and wipes – a win for the planet and your complexion!
  • It removes all traces of makeup naturally using just water – including stubborn mascara.
  • For an effective pre-cleanse, just add water, gently swipe the mitt across your face and watch as all traces of makeup disappear.
  • Fake tan disaster? The Cleansing Mitt helps to remove patchy tan stains in seconds!
  • It is portable and therefore ideal for travelling and wiping mucky mini faces on the go!

How To Use

Can be used on the body.
Ideal for contact lens wearers and lash extensions.
Use as a pre-cleanser in the shower.
Use one side as a pre-cleanser and the other side to remove your cleanser, double cleansingat its best.

To avoid staining, hand wash the Cleansing Mitt with antibacterial soap directly after use, rinse it good and hang it to dry by its handy loop.  Once a week, turn your Cleansing Mitt inside out and pop it in the washing machine.

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